Before you start on the application, we'd like for you to know more about the features and benefits of being a Villager!

Features and benefits:

✅ Preferred acceptance: We love you! When we open new locations, we'll let you have 'first dibs'

Shuttle Service for Products: Do what you do best and MAKE! You shouldn't be expected to travel to move your products, let us do that for you! (Ex. If our Oakville location is closest to you, you can drop off your product restock there and we will bring your restock to the correct store location)

Discounted Shipping on Restocking: We will discount your shipping costs if you choose to ship your restock to one of our locations

Shelf Space Info: Let US handle the merchandising. All of your products in our stores are properly maintained and cleaned by trained associates.

Website Product Listings: It's your job to make and create! Leave the website listing to us.

Paid Advertising and Marketing Efforts: With your investment in us via your membership, we prioritize getting your products seen online and pushing traffic to our online store.

Additional Business Growth Efforts: To help grow both of our businesses, we will be arranging for future collaborations with bloggers/influencers

Social Media Exposure: With your kind consent, you will have full and flexible social media exposure of your small business, products, and you as the business owner, included in our effort to helping you grow your business

Villagers' Education Platform: We are in the process of creating an exclusive space for our Villagers to go to if they need support and/or advice on things such as: Social Media Profile, Basic Marketing and Advertising+Strategies, Product Photography, Website Optimization, etc. In your onboarding you will be asked a few questions as your answers will help us build a complete and sound platform

Who we are: The Village Collective is a bespoke Canadian enterprise dedicated to revamping the outlook on the sustainability and eco-friendly sectors by assembling a collective of small businesses that operate with a philanthropic mission or motivation.

Our Values: Love, Inclusivity, Fruitfulness, Togetherness, Sustainability. It is a both a framework and a mindset that guides our daily decisions and ensures placing our priorities of putting our customers, Villagers, and philanthropic missions first

If all this sounds good to you, please continue to filling out our application! 😎