Meet the Makers - Website + Series

by The Village Collective.


Hello all members of The Village Collective! We are in the works of launching a new content series on our Instagram account called "Meet the Maker."

What is "Meet the Maker?"

In a nutshell, we will be going live two days each week with each of you a.k.a the 'maker' for no more than an hour. During this live, you will have a chance to talk to The Village Co. audience and also your audience about your business–mission, best selling products, future plans, current promotions and deals, and briefly you as a person–how you got started, your motivations, key people you'd like to acknowledge, etc.

Will this be on your website?

Yes! The other part to this–we will be creating another section on our site called "Meet the Makers."

In this section, website traffic will be opened up to a drop-down menu and/or a page that has all members with The Village Collective [ex. If customer Hannah wants to see maker "ABC Company" and what they sell, she will be able to go to that maker's brief profile and products.

What's a "profile?"

We want our traffic to get to know you! We will also put up a short blurb about your business and why you do what you do!

Why should I participate?

As a fellow business, we recognize that growth is very important. We see this as an opportunity for you and your business to be more 'cemented' in our audience and traffic members' minds, and an even bigger opportunity to foster more reach and awareness to an even bigger audience.

Is there a fee?

Nope! No fee at all. This is a completely free opportunity to further promote your business.

Do you need anything from me?

Just four things. 

  1. Fill out our short form (info for Profile and Live, found below)
  2. Pick a date that works for you to hop on a live with us! (found below)
  3. Once you have a date, promote it to your audience so we can have as much people watching and listening in as possible!
  4. Fill out our second form for another initiative (found below)

FORM #1 – "Meet the Makers":



FORM #2 – Members' Education Hub:




Pick a Date! – Online Scheduler 👇

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