Product Photos

In order to have a website that has [at least] a decent conversion rate, there must be a consistent element of congruency.

There are many ways to achieve this. The most fundamental approach is taking care of the product photos aspect of our e-commerce site.

Simple tip #1

When taking photos of your products to be put on a website (not just ours!), it's always best if a clean, blank/one-colour background is used.

Simple Tip #2

Square Orientation via your mobile phone's camera.

On The Village Collective e-commerce website, we keep it square!

In other words, you'll notice that almost every product photo is in the shape of a square. This is important for, yes! you guessed it–congruency.

99% of all camera apps on today's smartphones have a "Square" orientation setting to toggle on or off (Left picture example is for iOS/iPhone 11 and up)

IF you are unable to find and/or toggle on the square orientation setting on your mobile phone, please take photos of your product from a generous distance so that we are able to crop out the product in a square-shape fashion.

Why is this important?

Remember we talked about congruency?

Let's try to break it down a bit more:

Have you ever stumbled upon a website that doesn't look "nice?" Like the product photos aren't appealing, the design and flow of the website isn't user-friendly, you can't tell if a product looks good or not because of the photo quality, etc.

That πŸ‘† is what we DON'T want for our site.

We want this πŸ‘‰

You and us both, we want customers like good ol' Steve here to shop from our website! We want customers to feel attracted to your products, to feel that your products can make a difference in their lives, big or small!

And yes, a simple doozy on a product photo (Ex. bad lighting, piece of product falling apart, etc.) can make or break it for a potential customer!

❗️Don't forget!

There are a few more steps to go in your onboarding process!

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Resource: How to take product photos