Contract signing + Rent Subscription

In this step, you will be going through our contract signing & rent subscription process.

*Please ensure that you fully complete this step. If your contract and rent subscription are not successfully complete, you will not be able to access our Village Hub and members-related resources. Thank you!

👉 Instructions are found in each listing


Villagers' Contract

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1. Click "Add to cart"

2. Complete Checkout process [as if you were checking out a product]

3. You will see a "Download Now" button to download the contract file

4. Return to the Onboarding Process for instructions on how to submit your contract back to us

Completed your contract?

To submit your contract to us, please follow the instructions in the "Completed Contract" listing, which you will find when you click the button below.

❗️ You're not done yet! ❗️


Complete rent subscription!

*You must put your name and business name in the notes of the checkout page (go to the listing below for more details)

onboarding fee

Why do we charge a one-time fee for product onboarding?

👉 We personally upload your products to the website and POS, this also includes taking photos and creating tailored descriptions (if not provided).

IF you have or did not choose to pay the onboarding fee the first time, you will receive an invoice for $25.00 within 24 hours of completing the onboarding, which needs to be paid before your items are uploading and optimized on our website