Wax Melt Sample Box
Wax Melt Sample Box
Wax Melt Sample Box
Wax Melt Sample Box

Wax Melt Sample Box

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MaisonNoor, a Canadian maker that creates quality and handcrafted items for your home fragrances needs.


 Fragrance your desired space with this variety of wax melts

 Our oils are of the highest quality and are hand poured

✓ Each segment of wax melts will last you up to 20+ hours

 Releases an enhanced fragrance so you can enjoy it longer


Type: Wax melts

Materials: 100% natural, renewable, environmentally friendly soy wax


For optimum results, we recommend using 4-5 at a time. Each segment will release its scent for 20+ hours - results will vary dependent on your wax burner of choice.

Fragrance list for sample box:

  1. Lychee and Peony

  2. Lime, Basil & Mandarin

  3. Fabulous

  4. Italian Neroli

  5. Seychelles

  6. Velvet rose and oud

  7. Oud & bergamot

  8. Hermes

  9. Black pomegranate

  10. Cashmere and musk

  11. Madame