Eye Pillows

Eye Pillows

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Started by Jessica, Wrapped in Comfort was founded to create pain relief products to help people with their aches and discomfort in target areas such as the legs, neck, and the head. Wrapped in Comfort products are all handcrafted and made with natural materials.


 Relieve your headaches and migraines!

 Can be used to soothe sore or puffy eyes

 Made with all natural materials 


Type: Eye pillow, relief

Materials: Cotton, Flaxseed, Rice



Stylish reusable heating pad for neck, shoulders etc. Can be used warmed in the microwave or kept in the freezer for cold therapy. Pink floral with coordinating reversible fabric and handles.

Our heating pads offer a moist heat when warmed due to the water stored within for filler.


Did you know?

  • Heat therapy is prescribed by many doctors and physiotherapists. It dilates the blood vessels of the muscles to increase the flow of oxygen, which repairs the damaged tissue.
  • Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat can decrease pain signals to the brain and offer comfort :)
  • Heat allows the soft tissues to stretch, which helps decrease stiffness of joints