Hamsa Bracelet (Grey Jasper and Hematite)

Hamsa Bracelet (Grey Jasper and Hematite)

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Mandala Creations is your number one source for meaningful gifts. Having a passion for personal growth and development, Archana, the creator and founder of Mandala Creations, started this business to create products that help shift peoples' energy to a positive vibration and to aid in helping others find happiness, strength, and courage within themselves.


 The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God; in many faiths it is a protective sign and brings it's owner happiness, luck, and health

 Hematite – assists with clearing confusion and overwhelmingness

 Grey Jasper – known to dissolve melancholy energy and dissipating stress


Type: Bracelet, Crystals

Stones/Crystals: Hematite, Grey Jasper