Multipurpose Loofah Sponge [2-pack]

Multipurpose Loofah Sponge [2-pack]

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Founded and led by an independent, strong-willed, and passionate female Canadian entrepreneur, SIEMPRE ECO is a conscious eco-living shop that is on a mission to bridging affordability and sustainability in the earth-friendly consumerism space. Rabia Dhanani is the face and warrior behind Siempre Eco, and believes in the cycle of life in all its forms–you are what you eat; you reap what you sow; you get what you give.


✓ All-natural and sustainably made

 An eco-friendly tool to exfoliate your skin!

 Doubles in size and the volume once soaked!


Type: Loofah

Ingredients: Loofah plant

Contains: 2 x Loofahs