Playdough Tools
Playdough Tools
Playdough Tools
Playdough Tools
Playdough Tools
Playdough Tools

Playdough Tools

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Expand your child's learning with Dough Perfect's Playdough!

Playdough helps foster and develop children's motor skills when kneading and rolling playdough with their hands or even with tools such as a rolling pin. Purchase a Dough Perfect playdough today!


 Fully handmade / handcrafted

 Designed to create the ultimate playdough experience!

 Limitless possibilities for open-ended play


With these tools you can have your child practice their fine motor skills using the hammers, smooth roller, and textured roller.

1. Hammer and stamp with the hammer tool.

2. Use the spatula and pin to create intricate designs with the playdough.

3. Use the rolling pin to create a smooth finish.

4. Use the textured rolling pin to see different patterns in the playdough.


Type: Sensory Learning, Sensory Learning Mat

Materials: Food grade ingredients, Essential Oils

Includes: 3 x 4oz Play Dough

Made in: Canada


👉  Always start by washing your hands before you use your playdough

👉  After playing, ensure freshness of the playdough by storing in the airtight container provided

👉  Store playdough in a cool, dark place.

👉  *Dough Perfect's playdough will last for several months if stored properly!


Warning: Do not leave children unattended when playing with our playdough. Our play dough is intended for children aged 2+

Allergy Alert: This product is not made in a peanut free facility and contains wheat.