Sisal Fibre Cleaning Brush

Sisal Fibre Cleaning Brush

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Eliminating the universal utilization of single-use straws is not new under the sun, but Friendly Sip recognized the issue with the current reusable straws in the market today–stainless steel straws are not at all versatile. Friendly Sip sets out to innovate this space, by using glass straws that can be used in hot AND cold drinks and are made to last a long time!


✓ Easily and thoroughly cleans your Friendly Sip glass straws!

 Made with high quality stainless steel and nylon

 Cleans all straw widths

 Shipped using 100% plastic free packaging



Type: Straw cleaner, straw brush

Materials: High quality Sisal and stainless steel, eco-friendly and sustainable

Safety: BPA-free, non-toxic

Made in: Canada



Member: Friendly Sip

Philanthropic mission: To make the world a more sustainable place by eliminating the use of single-use plastic straws