White Colour Orange White Inverted Gold Top Dangles

White Colour Orange White Inverted Gold Top Dangles

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Tatapari is an eccentric, Canadian jewelry brand that creates polymer clay jewelry!


✓ 100% Handmade and crafted

 Elevate your outfit with any one of Tatapari's creations

 No two pairs are the same!


Style: Minimalist, chic

Materials: Polymer clay, sustainable materials

*Please allow for slight colour variances as each computer monitors to another may be different.

*Every earring is individually handcrafted, please expect minor irregularities and imperfections.


• Do not shower or swim with Tatapari earrings on

• Do not sleep with Tatapari dangle earrings on

• Durability varies with each earring depending on thickness of the clay used.

• Earring pieces may be subject to bending and snapping if mishandled.

• We encourage that you care for your Tatapari earrings and other Tatapari jewelry as you do with any other jewelry.